A Must-Visit White Sand Island in Bawean

Noko Island-Bawean

BOYANESIA -- Hi travelers and tourists, are you looking for an interesting tourist spot on the weekend? If so, you can visit Bawean Island. Because, Bawean is currently one of the most favorite tourist destinations in Gresik Regency, East Java.

Every inch of Bawean Island has a tourist attraction. One of the favorite tourist attractions that you must visit in Bawean is Noko Gili Island and Noko Selayar Island. These two white sandy islands are small uninhabited islands around Bawean Island.

Here, you will be presented with a stunning view. You can also play in the sea and walk around the island on clean white sand. If you want to enjoy the underwater beauty, you can also snorkel around the beach.

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However, don't expect tourist facilities and infrastructure on these two tiny islands, because both are still completely natural. In the center of the island, there are only sea pine trees and also a wooden gazebo that can be used for shelter.

Gili Noko Island

Noko Island is located not far from Gili Island, an island inhabited by some Bawean residents. To get to Noko Island, you can take a canoe (klotok) from the Floating Pier in Pamona Hamlet, Sidogedung Batu Village.

When you take a klotok to Noko Island, you can see coral reefs under the sea, small fish, and some starfish. After 15 minutes on the klotok, then you can enjoy the white sand of Noko Island which is about one square kilometer.

When you enter Noko Island, you will not be charged a cent of the ticket or free. You can directly bathe on the beach or take selfies at the best spots. In addition, you can also fish until the afternoon. After sunset, you can set up a tent to enjoy the atmosphere of the night and the stars from the middle of the sea.

Noko Selayar Island

Noko Selayar Island is actually not much different from Noko Gili Island. Both are equally uninfluenced and save so much beauty. Clean white sand and clear sea water seem to always be the prima donna of this island.

On this exotic island, you will also be pampered with stunning underwater decorations, beautiful sponges, and fish that swim freely under the sea. Access to Noko Selayar Island can be through the Leaf Village, to be precise from Beto Elong Beach.

When the sea water is receding, you can walk to Noko Selayar Island. But when the tide is high, you have to take a klotok like when you go to Noko Gili Island. Unlike Noko Gili Island, on Noko Selayar Island you can also wait for dusk to arrive because the sunset on this island is a shame to miss.

How to get to Bawean Island?

If you want to visit Bawean Island, Gresik, East Java, you can choose the air route or the sea route. If you choose the air route, you can take a departure from Surabaya City or Sumenep Regency, Madura.

Meanwhile, to access the sea route, you can go through the Port of Gresik and Paciran, Lamongan Regency. The fast boat departure schedule for a 3-hour trip to Bawean Island starts at 09.00 WIB. The price set for the executive class is IDR 170,000 and the VIP class IDR 220,000.

There are two types of fast boats to choose from, namely Natuna Express and Express Bahari BE. Meanwhile, for sea transportation with an 8-hour journey starting at 21.00 WIB using the KMP Gili Iyang ship.

Ticket prices are priced at IDR 76,000 for adults, IDR 50,000 for children IDR 95,000 for 1 adult passenger with a motorbike.

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